UPDATE 11-3-2020 
Force Adjustment canceled 
We continue to fight for our jobs 
When we fight we win
In the past few months Centurylink has declared surpluses in many titles. For some reason Minnesota is being hit the hardest. The Locals continue to fight these lay-offs, and to assist members in navigating the Force Adjustment Process. The Process is complex and the company no longer takes the time to make the options clear. In April we lost the Dispatch center, and on July 15th we lost the entire CFS call center when the company moved the collections work to Phoenix Arizona. Many members took the VSPP offers and left with the enhanced package. 

With only two weeks remaining until the lay-off date, on May 6th the company canceled the force adjustment for most of the remaining Technicians in the Fancilli organization. We believe this was largely due to the strong stance by the Technicians to hold out until the end and pressure the Locals in Minnesota put on the company. See Letter to the PUC. The company also eliminated the contractors. 
However, on July 1st CenturyLink once again declared a surplus in the titles of Broadband/Network Technician, CDT, CSS. 

If you affected by these latest surpluses, we are asking that you please provide your personal cell number to your union steward or send it to us via email. If you need help with understanding the Force Adjustment Process please let us know. 
We will continue the fight for our jobs, and for our customers. 

Update 10-27-2020 
Our response to the AG's request for information clearly convinced the AG's office that the PUC should initiate an investigation of CenturyLink (attached). The Commerce Department also separately filed an opinion in support of investigation (attached). Given these two strong opinions in support, the PUC's initial interest in our allegations and on some observations of a recent PUC meeting, it is all but assured an investigation will be conducted!
You can also view CenturyLink's comments (attached