Communications Workers of America
Local 7201

Let the worthy men who toil up from poverty beware of surrendering a political power they already possess, 
and which if surrendered will surely be used to close the door of advancement against such as them,
and to fix new disabilities and burdens upon them till all of liberty shall be lost."
 - Abraham Lincoln, 
16th President of the United States in a message to Congress dated December 3rd, 1861


We encourage you to take an active role in your local and your community. 
The phrase "All politics is local." is as true a statement as was ever uttered.  At the community level - the city councils, 
the school boards, county commissioner and mayor are as vital to you as a state and federal election. 
Those are the people that can raise your property taxes or close your school due to a lack of funding.  

We need to take back our communities, our cities, our state and our country from the ground up.  
That starts at the local level and that is where you, one person, can make the biggest impact. 

Make a difference, be active in your community. Make a difference,VOTE. .

Click on the link below for political information.


Who needs it?  In short, we all do. 
CWA Local 7201 is actively involved in politics because everything 
that touches our lives, everything from the economy and job security to your son's little league baseball or daughter's youth soccer is impacted by the decisions made in Washington D.C., here in our State Capitol, or at your local City Hall. It's all politics so we need to understand the political process. We cannot afford to stand idly by while politicians make decisions that affect our jobs, wages, pensions and social security.  

There is no greater service a local union can perform for it's members than to know politics and politicians.  To lobby for or against a bill that could have a positive or negative impact on you and your family is money in your pocket if that lobbying is successful. We intend to continue to make those connections and fight for you with the power of the pen in the political arena.  

St. Paul & Winona Minnesota