Communications Workers of America
Local 7201

St. Paul & Winona Minnesota
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Area 1 
Bruce Crane

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Area 2 
Rick Shettle
Edgar Velez

Shop stewards are the key to making the union strong. 
The steward provides the link between the union and the members. 
When the steward does her or his job, the union works for members. 

It is the shop steward's job to represent the members in the shop. 
Stewards are the leaders of action on the shop floor, and they are also the conduit of information to and from the union. 
Stewards are the eyes and ears of the union in the shop. 

It's a tough job, but there is no more important job in the entire union. 

Please contact 
Steve Schmidt 
or call the 
Local 651 774-7201
The Union Steward

 Who are these of lowly pay
with haggard look and hair of grey?
They get no rest by day or night.
They're always wrong. They're never right.
They do not have a law degree,
but go to bat for you and me.
Though seldom have they been to college,
they must possess the widest knowledge.
Of labor grades and when to grieve,
vacation pay and sickness leave.
Of overtime and who's to do it,
of coffee time and who's to brew it.
The how and which and why and when,
and all the problems of women and men.
If, with forepersons they agree,
then they're rats who've got weak knees.
If to the workers they try to cater,
they're branded as agitators.
Those who have to take this slop
are called the STEWARDS of your shop. 


(from The Legal Rights of Union Stewards 
by Robert M. Schwartz, revised edition 1994)
Randy Baumgartner
Christine Locke

Hope Marks
Steve Lokker
Elias Aliabouni
Bryan Crane
Justin Richgels