We have reached out to CenturyLink to ask what their plan is to deal with this very serious virus. We want to make sure that our members continue to be paid and no member of the bargaining unit is disciplined who contracts the virus, is impacted by school closures, exposure to the virus or has the potential to come in contact with the virus as customer facing employees. 
The company continues to answer many of our direct questions with the following response:
"We are following the CDC guidelines"

Below is a chronological account of COVID 19 information 
(most recent on the top
UPDATE: March 19, 2020
As many of you know the Company has taken many steps in response to COVID-19. 

Notice from CWA District 7 

We are trying to keep up with all the questions and ask for your understanding as we work through these very unprecedented times. 

Hopefully this Q&A will help.